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[sticky post] I am sorry.

Long ago I met you and I am the better for it.  We were in love.  At least I thought I was.  After all you came across 3,000 miles just for us to meet.  But it was so wrong what happened between us and how it ended.  And for that I am eternally sorry and mostly to blame.  I was not smarter, wiser, bigger man, and did not know how to make things work.  Never should we have argued like that.  Never should I have ruined your birthday.  Never should I have put you in that spot, time and time again.  For those three colossol mistakes I am truly sorry and I hope you can forgive me at some point.  Years ago you found me and we chatted again on Facebook and I again screwed up by asking you to apologize to me for that which is not and never will be your fault.  I am sorry, you do not owe me an apology of any sort, ever.  I am slow and took years to process.  You were right afterall, it just took me forever to understand it.  You never owed me an apology nor anything else.  Now in hindsight, though, it is unfortunate that we had the life experiences we did before meeting each other that created the whole mess in the first place.  Had I known what you knew so long ago I'd have handled it all with less of what neither of us loved nor wanted to ever feel more of.  Sorry.  When you insulted me by saying I lived in a cave, well, it wasn't an insult, you were partially right, I did come from a cave.  Please forgive me for being that inexperienced and naïve.  You may find me again if you need to talk about anything at all, but know that I do not need an apology or a bow from you, nor anything else, but as always will listen, though with new ears.  Ones that have at least heard the world outside of my little cave.  I wish I could apologize to you in a chat, or in video, but I can't.  All I can do is write this post and as you know that I write music, I will write a song about, not us, as that is private, but what I feel sorry for bringing into your life when all I wanted was to give you nothing but endless joy.  Forgive me.


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