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I woke up a bit earlier than my usual noon hour. My alarm was set for a bright start at 9:30, but when it rang I couldn't drag myself out of bed. I finally got up and got dressed by 10:40. I'm still suffering it seems some sort of a sleep problem. I call it a problem because I spend too much time in bed. The real truth is, I like being in bed for long periods of time. It's comfortable, warm, very cozy, I have no responsibilities in there, I'm relaxed, it's such a good feeling. But spending 10 or more hours in bed probably isn't healthy. I have to cut down on my bed time, unfortunately.

Then I got dressed and with hate in my mind for the task ahead I proceeded anyway. I had to go and get a government issued document, to apply for it. I expected the line up will be long. I expected they will reject me and I didn't want to feel stupid and helpless. I expected the process to be difficult. My mom told me about a new government document, the Ontario ID card. It's issued only to those without a driver's license. Perfect for someone like me who cannot drive (thought I wish technology would allow it someday, it is the 21st century after all, is it not?). So I got my Citizenship card, my OHIP card and the form my mom printed yesterday all filled out and my backpack and I went to the ServiceOntario office located just 10 minutes away on Victoria street. I was surprised to find only 3 people in line around 11am. So great! I waited maybe 5 minutes and got to a very friendly lady. She took my documents, made photocopies, looked over what I filled out, took my payment of $35 via a debit transaction. She asked me to stand next to a white wall as she took a picture, and within 10 minutes we were all done! Painless, problem-free, perfect!!!! I was worrying about nothing. She said it takes 4-5 weeks to arrive in the mail, so it looks like this card won't be available to me as my ID for my Cisco exam. I'm worried about the exam because they ask for two documents with signature and photo and I don't have that many things with my signature on them. Plus during the test I have to leave all my documents outside of the testing centre, and I'm worried someone will steal them. They aren't exactly security proof in that building. I'm nervous about that.

Then I went to Burger King and bought a Whopper. I decided against buying two, I'll have to make lunch on Thursday. I also bought an ice cream on my way to the ServiceOntario office. I got my burger, placed it into my backpack, and went to Indigo at Eaton centre, exploring the Kids section. They had the Bop It toy!!! I tried it, it was cool. If I had money I might have bought it to play with. It's very fun and challenging. I spent half an hour at Indigo, didn't find anything interesting otherwise, and so back home I went.

I laid on the couch and watched Stargate, then half fell asleep again. I spend a lot of time laying down during the day. I am far too exhausted from doing nothing. I get most of my energy late in the evening. It takes until 5pm for me to truly wake up. I guess it's from doing nothing so much of the time that my brain doesn't get used to functioning. I live in the dream world much of the time. Which isn't good I know, but it's my new addiction. Unfortunately. I went for 2-3 walks of half an hour each and drank some juice each time. I finally decided I'll study the rest of the afternoon so I went to Second Cup on Jarvis and King and bought a coffee. I was surprised at the cost, it's only $2.50!!! About the same as buying the Rockstar Coffee Energy drinks. Except it's warm. I even told the girl behind the counter the coffee was for me to study a lot. I got home and left the coffee on the counter to cool off. It was Ethiopean blend. I hate hot coffee. I don't mind it cold. I didn't add any sugar or cream or milk or anything, just black. I only like Rockstar Energy Coffee to be sweet, I don't add sugar to things by myself ever, except in the odd tea, usually I drink plain tea. Then I decided to go for another walk, after watching some Star Trek. I ventured into the local Winners and saw they had Hancock on sale, just one copy remained at $5. I had to have it. So I went home, got my wallet and went back to Winners, sipping on more Lemonaid. I bought it, along with a present for my friend Matthew. I got him a football shaped sponge holder for when he finally moves out of his parent's basement. I can't believe he's close to 30 and hasn't lived a day on his own. He has an incredible memory, I'm surprised he isn't a business CEO or something. Something must be wrong, I just don't know what nor how to help. I hope he likes the present!!! It wasn't very expensive, but it's nice.

I came home and straight went to visit mom. To thank her for motivating me and guiding me to get the Ontario ID card I bought her two small presents. I got her a 70% Cocoa chocolate block, and a Keno lottery scratch game. She likes those. She thanked me and gave me some food to take home for lunch tomorrow. It worked out in the end, I got lunch ready for Thursday! Perfect!

I had a brilliant idea while walking home in the evening. I will start a blog dedicated to my Cisco studies and my Internetworking studies. There I will vent whenever I don't study, instead of here. I haven't yet registered for an account. I'm debating whether to go with Tumblr. I have never used it, so it might be an interesting challenge to learn yet another blogging facility.

Then I logged onto LInkedIn and updated my profile a little bit. I saw a link to my blog on my profile and clicked it. It took me to a very old page from 2009 which I updated while living in Serbia. It's called B787Land. The about page talked about my love for IBM and how I'm dedicating the blog to them and only them. Then there was a page called Billions which said to stay tuned and to exercise in the mean time. Then there was a Links page with one link to a blog by Tanner Hagood, a boy who's blog I read from Serbia. He deleted his blog. He was obsessed with Apple products. I even exchanged several emails with him back in 2009. I watched his YouTube channel as well on few occasions. Then there was a page called Blender and it was a blog with one entry, explaining how much I hated Blender. It was me venting at my inability to grasp the Blender interface as easily as I could that of Truespace. And how nobody should use Blender because it's made by a bunch of dumb open source noobs. Then there was a Contact page with a stack of IBM boxes as a picture and a form to fill out for anyone to send me messages. I quickly deleted most of the pages, I deleted the Blender non-sense. I retyped the About page to be for business purposes. I updated my email address from my old Yahoo address to my current Gmail. I updated the Blog section to have no entries. And I updated the Contact form. I also accidentally changed the theme, so I spent some time finding a new theme. It is a site hosted by Weebly, and their interface is very easy to use. I will use this blog to talk about the business world as I see it. My disappointments with it, my impressions, my thoughts, all sorts of things, but all business related. The other blog I want to make is for Cisco/Internetworking specifically. So that will be a separate topic of interest. I could make it a Weebly blog, but I'd rather try something new. I have a Blogger account, a Livejournal, and a Weebly, it's time I use Tumblr for something. I heard Tumblr might be going public sometime soon, so I'm interested in that company as well.

Now it's 11:15pm. I have done a lot of work for today. I still have to register with Tumblr, and then I'll probably just watch Hancock and go to bed. I need to study tomorrow for real. Today was another study-less day. I'm far too tired to study right now.


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