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They're everywhere. They drive BMWs, they drive Porsches. They have 20 year old blonde bimbos for girlfriends. They are 50 year old and they browse Network Security bookshelves at bookstores while holding onto iPhones. They have cottages in the north. People more successful than me are everywhere I look, and I can't stand it.

Just because I am disabled, it doesn't mean I shouldn't experience the thrill of sitting in a Porsche. It doesn't mean I shouldn't have a female companion. It doesn't mean I shouldn't have a cottage for the summer. It doesn't mean I shouldn't go on summer or even winter vacations.

But the majority that runs this world seems to think this is how things should be. Those who do not have the mental fortitude to think at the advanced level as the rest of the elite, they shouldn't have anything that makes life worth living. If the disabled could gather the strength to form a rebellion like the good folks of Syria are uprising over their fucked up government, then there sure would be a different world. But we, the disabled, cannot even hold a demonstration. We'd be laughed at. So we sit on the streets begging for money. We ride wheelchairs looking for lowered pavement so we can hop on and off the streets. We wait for 7 years to receive housing from our governments and their RGI plans. We don't wait in lines though, we wait for lines to end to see the line up of the disabled just waiting patiently to die.

I don't want no part of this fucked up world. I deserve something better than starving children in Africa at 10pm. I deserve something better than this shit hole the rest of you have put me into and told me is my home to live in until my dying days, while you all stand on yachts sipping cocktails. I deserve better because I am disabled. I deserve to stand on a mountain top just like the rest of you.


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