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Boredom is the Killer

So I was reading a story that astronauts on the ISS could not attach a power unit to the space station because the bolt required to attach it won't turn more than 9 times and they need to turn it 15 times to secure it. I am angry that they are still using bolts. It's well past the 21st century and we still rely on old bolts? What kind of crap is that? Isn't there a better way of securing objects that doesn't require 15 turns? I'm upset that despite all this advancements we still cling to old ways.

In other Slashdot news, I read that self-driving cars are coming to California sometime in the near future. This excites me, as I really hate taking the bus, the streetcar and the subway, but I cannot drive. I think self-driving autonomous vehicles, perhaps like in Minority Report, are the future indeed. When we get the wheel out of the cockpit it'll leave more room for passengers and perhaps each vehicle could take on 5-6 people, that's far better than being squeezed like a sardine into a streetcar. I hate streetcars. We should get rid of all streetcars in Toronto and rip out the stupid rails in the road. That's such backwards technology. What we need are levitating magnetic anti-gravity vehicles. The kind the Germans have.

Please don't let the stupid Privacy Advocates win! I want all the videos and photos tagged and cataloged, it'll make searching for things much easier. Seems Google Thinks So, too so they've patented a new technology. They want to tag YouTube videos. I think this is a step in the right direction. Imagine being able to search for all videos on YouTube that contain a specific product, like Coca-Cola bottles, or Macbook Air's? We can't do that at this point, but with this new technology it would be so awesome. I am for this. I hate the stupid Privacy Paranoid Assholes.

This makes me excited! The ability of a computer code to detect what other code is capable of and adding it together to create something new is significant for the development of A.I.. I would like to see this progress further.

I am especially excited about this technology, it promises to bring networking to vehicles. Imagine being able to see the statistics of a car ahead or behind you? To see it's make, model, speed, passengers, even temperatures, might seem useless, but it would have tremendous value. If the cars could link together, they could be made aware of each other, and could navigate around each other with greater ease. I think it should become law that all vehicles on our roads have an identifiable transponder, which alerts other nearby vehicles of it's existence.

This seems ilke it's just not true. I can't imagine that the shape of a glass determines the rate at which someone consumes beer. I wonder if Gaelle has noticed this, since she enjoys beer frequently, much more than I. I hate beer.

I'm sure that this RAM development is good news, but I just don't get it. What is so good about a Flash DRAM chip?

I am glad to see pirates being arrested. There is no good legal reason for The Pirate Bay to exist. Down with pirating!! Sure I pirated when I was a little kid, but that's before I knew the harm it did to the businesses of programmers. As soon as I learned that it was wasting money and time from real people is the moment I stopped pirating. Now I go without software. I lack tools to do what I love, because I don't have money, but at least I'm living legally. It sucks not having Photoshop. :(

And that concludes our Slashdot reading day….


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