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Role Models and Women's Issues

I have spent the entire day studying, reading, researching and so forth. It's a big contrast to my usual way lately anyway. It's a return to what I used to be like before my health problems started. So I felt really good today and I even had time to think about things from a different perspective.

I recently read a quote that got me really thinking. It said "Men grow up with superheros, women grow up with Barbies, no wonder women have a hard time with self-image".

This quote made me quite upset. It puts the strain of self-image problems only on women. Barbie isn't a super hero. She doesn't have super powers, she isn't filthy rich, she is pretty however, something that comes naturally only to the genetically lucky women. The rest go through life suffering self-image problems going through cosmetic and plastic surgery, which is unfortunate since they are probably beautiful to begin with and didn't need any surgery, unless they were disfigured or something. I am not for cosmetic surgery. I do recognize the benefits of plastic surgery for those who have diseases, or were born with extra pieces on their face or something horribly disfiguring. Thankfully science has been evolved to a great state, and we have more work to do in that area.

However, the quote makes you think that men have it easier because their supermodels are superheros. That's ridiculous! Let's take me as a real example. I've always wanted to be like Batman. A real superhero. Batman, unlike most superheros, doesn't have any special powers. He is simply a very high achiever, which I was while I was perfectly healthy. He used his intelligence to gain money, through which he bought himself training, equipment and know-how in the areas that he wanted to master. Like him I bought myself computers, learned from people in the field, skipped out on school to study what interested me, and landed a terrific job. I was happy in life but I didn't strive to become Batman. I read on this site that to be Batman it would cost $682,450,750.00!!! Imagine a man who dreams from a child's age of earning that much money, of being a billionaire? That's like dreaming of being Barbie for a woman! It's the same fucking thing. Given enough money a woman could customize herself physically to look like Barbie. Given enough money a man could master all the tools and techniques of Batman. It's all about money. It's the great enabler.

So the quote itself is wrong. It's another one of those feminist sexisms that trash our society needlessly. The quote should say at the end "No wonder they have self-esteem problems" instead of focusing only on women. However, healthy children do not develop self-consciousness issues from watching superheros. They see them as stories, like fantasies, tales of dwarfs and elves, same sort of thing. Just in a different universe. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Barbie. That toy, no matter how it's marketed, is not any different from G.I. Joe figurines I played with as a child, it's the same thing as He-Man and Masters Of The Universe toys. Their bodies are all like Arnold Schwarzennger's. Imagine the self-image problems boys have when they grow up and thy don't look like He-Man? Same thing like girls who dream of being Barbies. These children suffered from some mental problem which had nothing to do with the toys they played with. If it wasn't for Barbie or He-Man they would have latched onto turtles and dolphins and been sad that they weren't as adept or as smart as those animals. Those kids would have developed those same problems given any role models. The problem is the sick infatuation with features of a role model. Some people went through life worrying they won't be as successful as their parents, that's the same sort of sickness. It has nothing to do with Disney, Barbie, Mattel or G.I. Joe. It has everything to do with individual's perceptions on life.

I for one am for strong role models, even ones with super powers. Kids' imaginations need something to toy with. And perhaps flying Barbies with broom sticks who eat Jelly Beans is what this world needs, after all. I say, bring on the toys and the characters, and for those who cannot handle it and develop self-image problems, provide proper re-education and re-adjustment programs so that they learn to cope with their inadequacies better. Don't blame it on the creative toy makers.


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