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I want to be an open source developer

I read this article and immediately thought about joining the open source networks and becoming a developer. The article talks about a developer of Dolphin for KDE who has decided to call it quits as he no longer has the personal time to allocate to the project. It was taking him a day a week to produce one of the world's most loved applications. He worked on it for 6 years.

I have never been an open source developer. About 17 years ago I programmed in Turbo Pascal every day for couple of hours producing a BBS door game. That was my largest project ever attempted. The game progressed fairly well, I was up to version 12. I enjoyed that experience a lot. I also programmed in C/C++ for the WWIV BBS system back around that same period for 3-4 years. I remember that being very enjoyable and fun. I also dabbled a little bit in assembler programming.

I would like to experience those joys again. I feel that open source movement can bring me back into the fold of things. I can spare 2 hours a day, which is much more than 1 day per week. He didn't program the whole day either, he only programmed after hours. So I have plenty of time to invest into this. As well, after I become a developer, it will help in making me more employable. The skills needed for being a developer are some of the same skills needed in the workplace. Organization, team work, focus, dedication.

So this is my goal from now on. To spend 1-2 hours a day working on my Linux box, doing something useful. Not just playing with Gimp, though that's fun. :)


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